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Maths: Measures of Dispersion

In Form 4, we already learnt about how to measure range, interquartile range, variance and standard deviation for ungrouped data as a measure to descrice dispersion. Today, we will discuss about

AddMaths: Systems of Equations (Part 2)

What will be learnt in this subtopic? Simultaneous equations involving one linear equation and one nonlinear equation. There are two method to solve simultaneous equations: Substitution and elimination methodGraphical method Enjoy watching this video

MATHS: Matrices (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum everyone... Matrices is the second chapter in Mathematics Form 5 for the new KSSM. There are two subtopics in this chapter which is the first subtopic is about introducing what

MATHS: Variation (Part 2)

We continue with the next subtopics in this chapter. There are two subtopics that we will learn this time, which is INVERSE Variation and COMBINED Variation. Same as DIRECT Variation,