The knowledge about risks and insurance is part of syllabus in KSSM Form 5. Why we need to know about insurance? This is because it is part of our financial protection as a preparation for our future.

Read the notes below, to get brief explanation about insurance:


From the notes, we knows the theory of insurance, types of insurance and why we need to purchase insurance.

How to calculate premium? How to calculate compensation that we will get if anything happen to us?

Let’s find out how to calculate premium and compensation for all types of insurance we want to purchase.

Click the link below, to get the answer.

Life Insurance:

Motor Insurance:


Co-insurance in Health Insurance:

Co-insurance in Property Insurance:

From all the videos, we get some guideline to choose our best insurance.

  • Find out the total coverage needed.
  • Compare the premium rates and insurance benefits.
  • Understand the scope of the coverage, the terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Avoid unnecessary coverage.

I hope, this new knowledge will helps us to get a better decision for our insurance.


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